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Shevek’s Pate du Jour. $7.00

Shevek is known for the variety of pates he creates. Ask about today’s featured ingredients

Traditional Hummus. $5.75

served with warmed pita points

Grilled Feta Cheese. $6.50

feta cheese wrapped with savory herbs in grape leaves and grilled to perfection. Served with warmed pita points

Jalapeño-Cheese Poppers. 12 for $4.25

served with Ranch dressing

Vegetable Eggrolls. 2 for $4.00

served with Chinese sweet & sour sauce

Mediterranean Dishes

Add soup, Caesar salad, or house salad $2.50

The Ravioli of the Gods. 9 for $12.00

portobello-stuffed ravioli in a scratch mushroom duxelle topped with scratch creme fraiche & just a whisper of white truffle oil

Lasagna du Jour. $10.00

chef’s choice; ask about today’s ingredients

Potato Gnocchi. 20 for $9.75

served with scratch marinara & grated parmesan cheese

Lamb Crepe*. 2 for $15.50

lamb seasoned with Moroccan spices, raisins, pine nuts and saffron, topped with pomegranate-yogurt sauce. Served over provencal-spiced apples

Chorizo & Date Crepe*. 2 for $10.00

this Sevilla-inspired crepe, finished with lemon creme fraiche, is made with our scratch chorizo & served over provencal-spiced apples

Moroccan Chicken & Apple Crepe*. 2 for $10.50

crepe of Moroccan blackened chicken breast topped with harissa aioli. Served over provencal-spiced apples

Vegetarian Black Bean & Vegetable Crepe*. 2 for $8.00

with pepper jack cheese. Served over rice pilaf & finished with harissa aioli

Bride’s Fingers. 2 for $14.00

this traditional Moroccan wedding dish—that has made the transition to street food—consists of shrimp, tomatoes & green chile wrapped in phyllo dough

Traditional Spanakopitta. 1 large for $12.50

Greek phyllo pie of spinach & imported Greek feta. Served with tzatziki, a Greek yogurt sauce

Lamb Kefta. $15.00    dairy-free

Middle Eastern spiced lamb served in a sweet, spicy, savory chunky tomato sauce over cous cous

Chicken Marsala. $11.00

grilled chicken breast in a sauce of sauteed mushrooms & marsala wine. Served over rice pilaf

Chicken Ashke. $12.00    gluten-free

grilled chicken breast layered with smoked salmon and bernaise sauce and topped with chopped scallions. Served over rice pilaf

Chicken Bianco. $11.50    gluten-free

grilled chicken breast topped with melted parmesan cheese & mushroom duxelle and garnished with white truffle oil. Served over rice pilaf

Grilled Salmon Filet. $15.00    gluten-free

Local Organic Vegetable du jour. $6.00    sgluten-free

ask your waitperson for details

*Gluten-free crepes available. $1.50  gluten-free

Specialty Burgers

Cowboy Burger $12.00 (mini $6.25)

bacon, cheddar cheese, sauteed onion, green chile & 1880’s devils' BBQ sauce

Ultimate Blue Cheese Burger $10.00 (mini $5.25)

sautéed onions & a thick, rich blue cheese sauce

Mushroom Swiss Burger $10.00 (mini $5.25)

sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & aioli sauce

All-American Burger $11.00 (mini $5.75)

bacon, cheddar, Ranch dressing, yellow mustard, pickles, sweet relish, lettuce, tomato & potato chips

Greek Lamb Burger $14.50 (mini $7.50)

topped with Feta chese, fresh tomato, fresh onion & tzatziki sauce

Silver City Chorizo Burger $9.50 (mini $5.00)

topped with a fried egg, green chile and cheddar

Santa Fe Chorizo Burger $9.00 (mini $4.75)

pepper jack cheese & a black bean/corn/roasted tomato/green chile salsa

California Chicken Burger $11.75 (mini $6.25)

bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato & guacamole

Italian Chicken Burger $11.00 (mini $5.75)

provolone cheese, fresh basil pesto (contains pine nuts), lettuce and tomato

Cajun Blackened Fish Burger $13.00 (mini $6.75)

grilled in butter & topped with garlic aioli sauce, raw onion, pickle, lettuce & tomato

Yucatan Fish Burger $13.25 (mini $6.75)

topped with a mango/green chile salsa

Vegan Delight $8.00 (mini $4.25)

guacamole, sauteed onions, lettuce, tomato, Dijon mustard

Build Your Own Gourmet Burger

Never pre-made patties. All our burgers are 1/3 pound (5.33 oz).
Add soup, house salad, or steak fries $2.50

Pick Your Patty

Build-Your-Own burgers are “naked” until you add toppings, below.

Local Angus Chuck Burger $8.00 (mini $4.25)    gluten-free

locally sourced. extra patty $5.00

Mediterranean Lamb Burger $13.00 (mini $6.75)    gluten-free

locally sourced. extra patty $10.00

Pork Chorizo Sausage Burger $7.00 (mini $3.75)    gluten-free

ground and spiced in-house. extra patty $4.00

Red Bird® Chicken Burger $7.50 (mini $4.00)    gluten-free

true free-range, hormone/antibiotic free. extra patty $4.50

Asian Fish Burger $11.00 (mini $5.75)    gluten-free

made with wild-caught salmon & flounder. extra patty $8.00

Scratch Vegan Burger $6.50 (mini $3.50)    vegan gluten-free

three beans, roasted sweet bell peppers, nutritional yeast & spices. extra patty $3.00

Choose Your Toppings

• raw onions

• sauteed onions

• lettuce

• tomato

• dill pickle chips

• sweet relish

• yellow mustard

• Dijon mustard

• ketchup

• Ranch dressing

• mayonnaise

• sriracha

Add Premium Toppings

• real cheeses: sharp cheddar, pepper jack, Swiss $1.50 (75¢)

• applewood-smoked bacon $1.75 ($1.00)

• guacamole $1.50 (75¢)

• roasted green chile 30¢ (15¢)

• aioli sauce 75¢ (40¢)

• sauteed mushrooms 30¢ (15¢)

• our own 1880’s devils’ barbecue sauce 75¢ (40¢)

• harissa (Moroccan hot pepper paste) 25¢ (15¢)

• add a fried egg $1.00

• organic gluten-free bun $1.00


Add soup, house salad, or steak fries $2.50

Monte Cristo Sandwich $8.50 (half $4.50)

Black Forest ham & Swiss cheese grilled between two layers of French toast and served with brandy-raspberry sauce. A classic.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $4.50 (half $2.50)

mild cheddar cheese melted between slices of Texas toast

BLT $6.75 (half $3.50)    dairy-free

applewood-smoked bacon, lettuce tomato & mayonnaise on Texas toast

Tunisian BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich $8.50 (mini $4.50)    dairy-free

pork slow cooked in a spicy bbq sauce of blood orange, harissa Moroccan red pepper paste and a hint of lime

Soup, Salads, Sides

Soup du Jour $3.75

House Salad $6.00 (small $3.50)

lettuce, croutons, tomato, cucumber, green onion and a choice of dressing:
• Balsamic vegangluten-free, • Italian vegangluten-free, • Blue Cheese gluten-free, • Ranch gluten-free

Caesar Salad $6.00 (small $3.50)

hearts of romaine, croutons & parmesan cheese with scratch Caesar dressing

Lebanese Beet Salad $7.00    vegan gluten-free

in a pomegranate-molasses and mint dressing. Served over lettuce

Chickpea Salad $6.50    vegan gluten-free

vegan, yet rich enough for satisfy anyone; marinated in a mustard-and-onion vinaigrette

Moroccan Orange & Date Salad $7.00    vegan gluten-free

with toasted almonds, grated carrots in a light lemon & orange-water dressing

Steak Fries or Sweetpotato Fries $3.50 (half $2.00)    vegan gluten-free

“Black & Tan” Beer Battered Onion Rings $4.50

made with Guinness stout

Potato Chips $1.00

Breakfast All Day

Fried Egg Sandwich $2.00

two fried eggs on a bun

• add cheddar, pepper jack or Swiss cheese $1.50

• add bacon $1.75

• add green chile 30¢

• add scratch vegan guacamole $1.50

• substitute gluten-free bun $1.00

Silver City Egg Sandwich $5.80

two fried eggs, cheddar cheese, green chile & a mini scratch pork chorizo patty

Bagel $2.00

plain, sesame, poppy, onion, garlic, salt, everything

• butter 50¢

• cream cheese $1.00

• onion

• tomato

• smoked salmon $3.50

• capers 25¢

Menemen $4.00

Turkey’s favorite breakfast; the sauce is reminiscent of huevos rancheros. Two fried eggs, menemen sauce & warmed pita bread

Not Eggs Benedict $7.75

two fried eggs on half a bagel topped with smoked salmon & bernaise sauce

French Toast $5.00

two slices of Texas toast dipped in a season egg batter & fried. Served with butter and maple syrup

Latkes $5.00

two potato pancakes—a fantastic hash browns substitute! Served with sour cream and applesauce

Scratch Desserts

Carrot Cake $7.25

chock-full of raisins & pecans, it’s moist & rich without being heavy or oily

Cake(s) du Jour $7.75

ask your waitperson about today’s offerings

New York Cheesecake du Jour $8.00

Plain Brownie $3.75

just double-chocolate and chocolate chips

Salted Caramel Brownie $5.00

milk caramel strips, salted using French fleur-de-sel, stud this double-chocolate chocolate chip brownie

Cheesecake Swirl Brownie $4.75

cream cheese and chocolate

Death by Brownie $5.00

dark chocolate brownie rich with bananas, pecans, & coffee. Topped with white chocolate ganache

Gluten-Free Raspberry Swirl Brownie $4.75   gluten-free

Baklava du Jour $4.50

Mousse du Jour $7.50

Float $4.75

your choice of soda & our vanilla ice cream

Frozen Desserts $3.75

kids’ $2.00

• Peach Sorbet    vegan gluten-free

• Pineapple-Orange Sorbet    vegan gluten-free

• Blueberry Sherbet    gluten-free

• Blackberry Sherbet with Chocolate Crackle    gluten-free

• Swirled Mango/Blood Orange Sherbets    gluten-free

• French Vanilla Ice Cream    gluten-free

• Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

• Chocolate Fudge Brownie Gelato

• Irish Cream Gelato    gluten-free


Bottled Mexican Pepsi. half liter $2.75

cane sugar; no corn syrup

Pepsi Fountain Drinks. 16 fl oz $1.50. 32 fl oz $2.50

refills. 16 fl oz 50¢. 32 fl oz 75¢

• Pepsi

• Diet Pepsi

• Dr Pepper

• Mt Dew

• Mug Root Beer

• Crush Orange

• Tropicana Lemonade

• Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea

Zuberfizz® Sodas. 12 fl oz $1.20

cane sugar; no corn syrup

• Root Beer

• Vanilla Cream Soda

• Ginger Ale

Snapple® Straight Up Teas. 18.5 fl oz $2.25

• unsweetened

• sorta-sweet

Tropicana® Orange Juice. 10 fl oz $2.00

Grape Juice, Apple Juice. 4 fl oz $1.00

2% milk. 12 fl oz $2.00



Aquafina® water. half liter $1.50

Perrier® sparkling water. 11 fl oz $1.75

Hot Coffee/Tea/etc. 12 fl oz $2.75

individually brewed by the cup

Coffees: • house • French roast • decaf

Teas: • English breakfast • Earl Grey • green tea

Etc: • chai latte • hot chocolate